The personal approach that the coaches at TF have is amazing. Their influence and passion not to mention commitment to each individual member is amazing. I have felt nothing but respect, support and genuine care from the coaches since beginning with TF. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!Emma SummersFebruary 16, 2021
I have been training with Transform Fitness for almost 3 Years and it’s changed my life. Not only have I achieved amazing body composition results, but I’ve learnt how to include sustainable nutrition ideas that fit into my busy lifestyle. Transform is more than your every day gym, it’s a community of amazing people that support one another along the journey. The coaches are extremely personable and will go above and beyond for each and every member to ensure they achieve results.K JFebruary 16, 2021
This is not just a gym this is a little family that all support each other with their journeys. The trainers are all so knowledgeable and care about everyone individually. This is not a gym that’s like all the others where you pay your membership and get forgotten about, and end up just being another face in the crowd, at TF everyone knows everyone’s name and the trainers know everyone’s goals and encourage them to get to them the best way possible I’ve learnt so much about fitness and nutrition in the short time I’ve been here and I’ve had amazing results that I’ve never gotten before anywhere else. I will never go anywhere else and I’ll always recommend TF to people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t live without this place!!Stacey JonesFebruary 16, 2021
Great start to a weight loss journey and looking to continuing mine at this studioKyle StokesFebruary 12, 2021
Love this place! Have been a part of the studio for nearly 4 years. I Just completed my third 28 day challenge through transform fitness and my results are amazing. The works outs are always fun and the trainers always keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals! 💪Anna CostiganFebruary 8, 2021
These guys keep getting better and better. The way they have adjusted during these times to continue to provide and support us is amazing. Thanks Liam, Scott and Syndi.marika kamodaOctober 19, 2020
I've been with transform fitness for around 10years now, they have supported me to reach my goals, nutrition and formed wonderful friendships. During Covid, I completed the 28day resilience challenge, it was just what I needed to keep me mentally and physically focused on my goals.Erinn HarrisonOctober 19, 2020
I’ve been a member for a couple of years now, even throughout 2020 lockdown #transformfitness have continued to do virtual classes online. They never missed a beat. I’ve just completed a #28DayChallenge and they have helped me create good habits, ensure that I track my nutrition and keep me accountable and keeping me focused and consistent. It’s fantastic!Annette MillersOctober 19, 2020
I have just completed a 28 day resilience challenge with Transform Fitness and it has been a fantastic way to stay focused, determined and accountable of my health throughout what could be the most challenging time we have experienced. Thier support is relentless and the transform fitness crew really do care in every aspect about how we feel, how we achieve our goals and keep us well informed in our fitness quest.Joel UbillaOctober 19, 2020
I’ve been going for a while and recently completed the 28 day challenge. The support and knowledge shared was above and beyond, they kept me accountable, taught me not only to feel proud of myself but to really push myself and see results. Also all extras were much more than your money’s worth! I have dropped a dress size and feel amazing during ISO! The ongoing education about nutrition to suit exactly what you want to achieve and the workouts are so fun but allow you to push yourself more than you thought you could! Couldn’t recommend them all enough! And feel the best I’ve felt in a long time 😊Abbey JohnsonOctober 19, 2020
Great trainers expicially during covid awesome to still be able to workout virtual style. I have enjoyed creating new habbits and love how supporting the trainers are.Ana UbillaOctober 19, 2020
Another 28day challenge completed this one a little different than the past due to the current situation but the support and guidance is always above expectations thanks TF team Great place to get motivated and make changes to your lifestyle classes are always great workout and enjoyableRenee MacdonaldAugust 19, 2020
You can tell they’re good at lifting weights, coz they’ve certainly raised the bar. Great team, incredibly supportive, fantastic studio, can’t fault them.Brendan Van der MeerAugust 17, 2020
Doing an 28 day challenge with Transform Fitness during Stage 4 lock down has been fantastic. They have kept me motivated and focused on my goal to get fitter. The online ICE classes have been so good, and I look forward to continuing with the online classes each morning at 6am. They are the best start to my day.Vanessa YatesAugust 17, 2020
I would like to thank the guys at TransformFit for an amazing journey of the 28 day challenge the support you gave me was overwhelming and you guys put in a lot of work you are incredible, how you are there to support your members through everything and anything you answer all our questions and help us so muchCheryl StarkAugust 17, 2020
I have been at TF for 3 years now . I still love it. You get constant support and help with all aspects of training, nutrition and wellbeing. The trainers are so supportive, friendly and welcoming to all fitness and health levels and have a big focus on a healthy lifestyle that fits with your everyday life. I highly recommend!!Kerri PikardAugust 17, 2020
Just started here but have been treated by everyone like I have been going for years. So welcoming, no judgement from the staff or others.Pamela KarsaiJuly 2, 2020
I have been coming here for many years and absolutely love it. Fantastic trainers and great facilities. You are not just a number you are part of a family. They run charity boot camps throughout the year where you have lots of fun whilst raising money for some great causes. 100% recommend this place for people of all levels of fitness.Melissa SheedyMarch 9, 2020
Great support, encouragement, understanding. TF gives me support where my road blocks are (rehabilitation, baby) which enables me to actually move forward with my goalsErin Keeble-BuckleMarch 4, 2020
I've just completed a 28DC and I've managed to loose 2.7kgs of fat and I'm noticing a change with my clothes (getting looser). I've learnt to focus on myself and on what I can control. Take 1 day at a time and have faith in myself. I have had a lot of injuries, but with the support of the trainers I now know what I can and can't do. And I'm in control of my injuries and not my injuries in control of me.Sharon CroweFebruary 25, 2020
Magdalena De acostaOctober 8, 2019
I completed my first month and first 28 day challenge with Transform Fitness. I am so excited with my results! 5kg gone and so much gained psychically and mentally! I’m so excited with what is to come. Highly recommend this amazing place - so much support and I am so glad I walked in their door! Here is to a new me 🙂Emma SummersOctober 8, 2019
Great place to work out. Fantastic & helpful trainers. Good motivation given throughout workout. Highly recommend. I just completed the 28 day challenge. You can see below my results: Results Achieved: Muscle Mass Gain: ​100g Body Fat Mass Loss:​5.5kg Body Fat Loss %:​4.8% Fat Mass:​​5.8kgMatthew EbertOctober 8, 2019
The best gym I have been to! great work outs and amazing coach’s.Tiffany DrydenOctober 8, 2019
Just completed my second 28 day challenge and achieved fantastic results. I lost 4.5kg in weight and 3.8 Body Fat Mass. I totally recommend doing one of these challenges, you get so much information, guidance and support from the coaches and our Transform Fitness family.Jaydan BishopOctober 7, 2019
I completed the 28 day challenge and am loving it! The motivation, nutrition information and classes are great! The class times are variable which fits around my busy lifestyle 🙂Leyla BrookesSeptember 29, 2019
Great atmosphere, great trainers and great place to trainTaryn KearneySeptember 24, 2019
Definitely recommend to anyone wanting control over their current circumstances. With help, support, encouragement and the tools given you will succeed!Gae PetersenJuly 28, 2019
A brilliant program that’s easy to understand and fit into your lifestyle, and seeing results in just the first month kept me motivated to keep going.Rebecca SantolinFebruary 27, 2019
Just completed my first 28 day challenge. Results: Body fat mass loss -2.4kg Body fat percentage -3.1% Muscle mass gain 0.1kg WHAT I ACHIEVED - tracked food everyday - A greater understanding on nutrition. - Able to complete a full work out 3 times a week LEARNT - prior preparation and planning of food for the entire week is key to hitting calorie targets. - Trying to work out what to eat while I was hungry never worked out well.David CookFebruary 27, 2019
I Just completed my third 28 day challenge since September 2018 and feeling so great! I have now lost 9.3kg fat mass and reduced body fat percentage by 6.5%! I am so happy with these results, but also happy with how i feel and proud of the new nutritional habits I have learnt along the way that are now part of my life. It’s all about little steps that add up in the end. Highly recommend Transform fitness, it’s got a great community feel where there is a high level of support & accountability and lots of friendly faces!Kerri-Anne CookFebruary 27, 2019
I’ve been with Transform Fitness for 10 years and have loved every minute of it. The TF team are like family to me now and have supported me so much over the years with my health and fitness. They care about their clients and don’t just focus on the physical aspects. Your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important to them. I always achieve great results with their guidance and support. A few months ago I completed their 28 days challenge. I lost roughly 4.5kgs and felt amazing. I just did another 28 day challenge and improved greatly on my strength and fitness. My habits and lifestyle continue to change for the better, all thanks to Transform Fitness!Emma WallisDecember 18, 2018
I have recently completed a 28 day challenge at Transform Fitness and have had great results. I lost 4.2kg in body fat mass thanks to the support of the team at TFF. I have been a member for years and love how it continuously teaches me to be the best I can be.Natalie SalamoneDecember 18, 2018
Amazing team at Transform Fitness, all are friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Highly janssenOctober 10, 2018
Absolutely loving my time at Transform Fitness since joining last year. I have finally found an awesome place to train, get results, feel welcomed by everyone and have trainers who care and keep you honest. I highly recommend TF to anyone wanting to create a healthy mind set and lifestyle 👍🏻💪🏻👌🏼Nay HarropJuly 18, 2018
Awesome gym with knowledgeable and supportvie trainers.Chloe WilliamsJuly 17, 2018
Very happy with my results & will highly recommend them as it's a fun and enjoyable place to work out & get resultsSam VennixJuly 17, 2018
If you want to get results - this is the place to go. The owner of the studio is amazing. He has a great program that was easy and made sense. His knowledge of nutrition was fantastic also. The other trainers are also awesome.Dr Quentin FreeJuly 17, 2018
Amazing team of dedicated trainers in a friendly, small atmosphere, suitable for people from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. Supportive, fun and effective!Crystal TaylorJuly 16, 2018
I have been been a gym/ fitness junky off and on most of my adult life but Transform Fitness Gym has given me more motivation to continue than any other, with great workouts, Support, guidance, nutrition info and Challenges to keep myself and hubby Steve, interested! We have just completed a 28 day Challenge and feel great and learnt heaps about how to meet our Macro goals, a different way to eat than the norm, without putting on fat but at the same time building muscle tone and I can eat heaps too!! Thanks Liam and the team 😁Donna PeggMay 11, 2018
Couldn’t recommend Tranform fitness enough. All the staff and so knowledgable and friendly. I always feel 100% supported through my fat loss and fitness journey. The 28day challenges really helped me to understand nutrition and really get the best out of my workouts. - RebeccaCraig BegnoneMay 10, 2018
So pleased with my results from the last year and the recent 28 day challenge! Feeling amazing physically and pretty proud of the changes I’ve made to my nutritional habits since joining TF. The guidance from Liam, Syndi and Scott is awesome and nothing is too much trouble, they’ve created a warm and supportive environment to help people with their individual goals. So glad I got off my couch to come and join, thanks guys!Cristy ReidMay 10, 2018
Awesome atmosphere. Love working out and feeling safe and supported by not only the owners but by the people attending classes too. Highly recommend people at the beginning of their weightloss journey to invest. You will be nurtured and educated in the ways you need to not only lose weight but maintain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of your lifebethany byrneFebruary 22, 2018
One of the best studios I have attended. This is not your average gym! The team at Transform Fitness cater to the individual. They give amazing support without judgement and have created a safe environment to train in. I am so thankful to have found Transform Fitness because my life would not be the same without it.Sally LouiseDecember 13, 2017
I contacted Transform fitness when I was 8 weeks postpartum to find out about Me My Baby & I class. It was the best thing I could have done! I have since been going there twice a week and admit it is the highlight of my week. It feels so good to get out and do something for myself, I always feel amazing after it. Syn is the best trainer I've had to date. She pushes me to limits I haven't been but remains caring and has taught me so much. I did their 6 week challenge & followed their meal plan and was amazed at the results I had. I'm the fittest I've ever been and I owe it all to you guys!! Thankyou!!!Cassandra LinnellAugust 11, 2017
My experience here was fun i lost weight. it was aceAbby SMITHJune 18, 2017
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