Fitness Training That Achieves Results

At Transform Fitness, our members are not just clients; they are part of a results based culture and a motivating fitness family. We offer a holistic approach to weight loss and body transformations by inspiring a lifestyle change opposed to short-lived unhealthy results. Regardless of your age, fitness level, goals, or financial situation, we can create a RESULT BASED transformation program to suit your specific fitness goals.

The Success Formula of Transform Fitness:

  • Learn how to get results to LIVE, not live to get RESULTS
  • 30-min trainingsystem
  • Scientific fat burning workouts
  • Nutrition to change body shape
  • Accountability, support, motivation & FUN!

More ENERGY, More Confidence and More RESULTS!

Our Vision

Our vision at Transform Fitness is to positively impact and TRANSFORM 1,000 local men and woman lives by helping them burn 1,000kgs of FAT MASS by the YEAR 2022.






Transform Fitness Core Values

What Else Can you Expect to Find When You Visit Us?

Our classes are continuously evolving so no two workouts are ever the same and they are all scientifically programmed to maximise your bodies ability to change body shape!

With our Heart Rate Monitor Technology you will also be able to accurately track your workouts, monitor your heart rate and the total calories burned to help you reach your fitness goals. All of this can be seen in real time during every class on our wall mounted TV at the Studio, so you can be sure to get the most out of every workout.

The motivation, support and encouragement at Transform Fitness leads to an environment where goals are continually met and exceeded. With monthly workout challenges, charity workouts, prize giveaways and workshops just to name a few there is always something to keep you having fun, staying motivated and progressing forward towards your goals.

At ‘Transform Fitness’ our members are not just clients, they are part of a results based culture and a motivating family. Our 30-min training programs use a combination of science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out.

More ENERGY, More Confidence and More RESULTS!

All of our members are provided with the support and tools they need to guarantee them success and learn how to get ‘results to live, not live to get results’.

From monthly Body Composition Scans to access to our Fitness APP where they get access to their own personal nutrition program complete with meal plans, habit and goal tracking as well as access to home workouts and direct communication with their very own Coach anytime they need it.

Working together, we’ll find the plan that’s right for you...


Transform Fitness Group FIRE Training is the most effective way to melt fat and tone up fast while training with your peers. This fun and supportive group training program is available for all fitness levels.

14-Day Access FIRE Pass


  • 4 x FIRE classes
  • 1 x Body Composition Scan
  • 1 x Nutrition Guide specific to your Goals to kickstart your journey.

ONLY $59 (Valued at Over $200)


Maximize your fitness & fat loss with our ICE group program! The science-based approach behind our ICE training program will allow you to burn up to 3 TIMES MORE FAT compared to other cardio programs.

14-Day Access ICE Pass


  • 6 x ICE classes
  • 1 x Body Composition Scan
  • 1 x Nutrition Guide specific to your Goals to kickstart your journey.

ONLY $59 (Valued at Over $200)

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