Why Join A Bootcamp In Lilydale At Transform Fitness?

It’s simple – because we get results fast, whilst having fun!

Transform Fitness offers intensive group fitness classes called ICE training. These ICE Classes are scientifically designed for maximum fat-burning potential, allowing you to burn twice the amount of FAT in half the time!

Our ICE classes use a great range of fun equipment, with movements and routines inspired by a range of disciplines including cross fit, martial arts just to name a few. Ever heard of a battle rope, a TRX or a Torsonator? By the end of your time in an ICE fitness bootcamp at Transform Fitness, you’ll not only have heard of them, you’ll have mastered them!

The thing our members like best about the ICE bootcamp atmosphere is the motivation. When you’re working out intensively with others, it’s hard not to get a little friendly competition going! At the same time, our class sizes are strictly limited, so you’ll get the personal attention and assistance you need throughout.

Bootcamp is the most effective way to kick start a training regimen, as it’s intensive but also easy to stick to. Depending on the program level that’s prescribed for you, it can also be the most affordable form of training, starting at less than $5 per session.

Not sure if you’re up to the challenge? Don’t be scared – we can adapt all exercises to make them easier or harder if necessary. We work with people of all different starting fitness levels.

To find out whether you’re ready for our ICE fitness bootcamp in Lilydale, call (03) 9738 7449 to schedule a FREE no-obligation tour of our training facility.

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