The 16kg Party Boy Weight Loss Transformation!

20, Jan 2020

From 23 to 28 Pat lived with 7 mates (all boys) over two rental houses. Drinking every night, partying Thursday to Sunday and regularly getting home to find random people in the house.

Sounds like a party house doesn’t it?


Well you are right, these houses were the ultimate party houses, even to the point where there was a couch left in the pool at one house as it was way to heavy and difficult to remove before they left.


Fair to say Pat lived a party lifestyle!


Fast forward to September 2015 when Pat, spurred on by his intended career change from his trade as a Boiler maker to a new career in customs, made the decision to join Transform Fitness.

It was time for a new career, a new body, and a new way of life.

2016 was going to be Pats year for change.


Getting started Pats motivation at the Studio was to lose weight, meet new people, feel happier and have more energy. While outside the Studio he was working hard to get started on his new career path.


Starting with our ICE Training program for his first month Pat saw some physical and mental changes that motivated him to increase his training. Soon he had added an a weekly 1 on 1 PT session  in which a full body weight-training workout was employed to build his strength and to address some issues he was having with his knees.


By February 2016 Pat had built a solid strength base and moved across to our FIRE 6 on 1 program, upping his weight training sessions to twice per week, his ICE sessions to 5 times per week, and walking around Lilydale Lake every day.


To date Pat has LOST 16kgs (110kgs down to 94kgs). He has completed his Certificate 4 in justice in July 2016 and at this point is waiting for the next wave of Customs applications to go through.


Pat took a clean and simple approach to dieting. No soft drink or takeaway is his number one rule.

After this he cut out fatty meats in favor of chicken, lean mince and turkey.

An average day of food for Pat would be:

Breakfast: Eggs, spinach and chili in coconut oil.

Lunch: Lean mince and brown rice.

Dinner on training days: Chicken sweet potato and broccoli.

Dinner non-training days: Lean mince and vegetables


Despite his results Pat rarely ever met the goals that he set for himself at each check in. In fact he often fell a long way short, making seemingly very slow progress with every tweak of his diet or change to his training program.


Pat believed whole-heartedly that persistence would pay off in the long run and it certainly has.

Pats advice for other young party animals ready to make a change is…

Get started NOW, 12 months is a short time to achieve what I have achieved. The possibilities for physical and metal growth are endless.”


Pat achieved these amazing results by following our FIREICE Training Systems.

*Pat’s Transform Fitness Transformation Specialist was Tim Cox.


Transform Fitness uses Research Based, Scientifically Proven Training Methods to achieve amazing Transformations with every client. 

If you would like to learn how you could achieve results like Pat did and how you could easily implement these systems into your own lifestyle then CONTACT US today for a FREE Consultation!


CONGRATULATIONS Pat from all of your Fitness Family here at Transform Fitness on an amazing Transformation and thank you for sharing your story and helping to inspire others.









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