2014 21-Day Winter Challenge Finalists

20, Jan 2020

Every year we run a 21-day Challenge where we give contestants the structure and systems to create and implement new healthy habits in regards to training and nutrition that will help them burn the extra cm’s and kilos gained over the winter period.

This year we had 40 motivated contestants join the challenge and the results were amazing.

Our 2014 Winter Challenge group achieved a TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS of 80.1kgs and Shredded over 456cms around their mid section.

To break it down our contestants that completed the challenge lost an average of 2.1kg’s in FAT LOSS as well as shredding an average of over 12cm’s OFF their mid section in just 21-days!

On behalf of all of the Trainers here at TFF we would like to congraulate every single person that joined the challenge and saw it through to the end as the mental and physical transformations have been inspirational.

In fact this year we had such amazing results that it was extremely hard to separate the 4 Finalists.


Our 21-day Winter Challenge Winner will receive the following amazing experience to celebrate their lifestyle change which includes…


A Hot Air Ballooning experience over the beautiful Yarra Valley!

Plus a Supplement Hamper to kickstart their new lifestyle!

 How AWESOME is that?

Total Value of this Prize is Over $600!!

So in no particular order here are the 4 Finalists for the 21-Day, Winter Challenge…

Lauren Ferguson


Lauren lost 4.5kgs and 45.5cms in just 21-days!

Daniel Masci


Daniel transformation is even more impressive when you consider that his job actually involves importing pasta, cheese and alcohol!

Daniel shredded 25cms including 7cms off his stomach in just 21-days

“I have noticed a huge increase in energy levels, I am not feeling bloated or crave high sugar foods anymore (which I love). I even had a chef make my favourite dessert which I gave to my daughter instead and watched her eat it without feeling like I was missing out” – Daniel

Sally Munro


Sally shredded an amazing 9.5cms off her stomach and 2.8kgs in 21-days!

“I entered the challenge because I had become complacent with my exercise and nutrition. During the challenge I was faced with many challenges which included attending birthdays and other celebrations where I was constantly confronted with alcohol and bad foods. I am extremely proud and happy to say that I managed to stick to my meal plan 100% and not give into any temptations. I now feel physically and emotionally stronger from doing the challenge and am now even more motivated to continue my newly developed nutrition and exercise habits” – Sally

Matt McKeown


Matt shredded 5cm’s off his stomach and 6.7kgs in just 21-days.

21 days over and the change has been enormous for me. The biggest change I needed to incorporate into my life was my food and eating plans, previously I would have my first meal at around 1pm everyday, so during the last 21 days I had breakfast EVERY day and also snacked on nuts, carrots and celery throughout the day. My exercise plan didn’t change dramatically (I was already doing 2 FIRE and 2 ICE classes a week) but by just looking at what I ate and changing my diet to suit eating clean food only I have dropped 6.7kgs and 5cms off my stomach.” – Matt. M

The WINNER of the challenge will be announced later today and is not only based on their physical transformation but also their emotional journey/reflection of what they have overcome and new habits they have created.

Good Luck to all of the Finalists and once again CONGRATULATIONS to all of the superstars that joined the challenge this year and for creating a NEW YOU!

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