ABS with no AB work in 12 weeks, check it out!

20, Jan 2020

This weeks ‘Transformation’ belongs to Jessie Pignataro.

In 12 weeks Jessie has shredded 13cm’s off his waist, 7.5cm’s off his hips and dropped 4.4kg’s in FAT.

It is inspiring to see a guy at the age of only 23 have the determination and motivation as Jessie has shown to not only achieve these results but also what he has gone through as well during the 12 weeks.

You see the amazing thing about Jessie’s results is not the fact that  he only trained 3 times a week nor is it that he never did any ab work at all except for a single CORE exercise at the end of the workout. No the amazing achievement is that Jessie transformed his body in only 12 weeks while having a groin injury that not only requires him to have surgery but also prevented him from doing any form of AB work and most leg exercises without pain for the entire 12 weeks.

So when most people would use this injury as a reason or an excuse to not achieve what they truly want, Jessie used it as his ‘WHY’ to achieve his specific goals and the results speak for themselves.

Congratulations Jessie on your amazing transformation.

You are our Transformer of the week 🙂

Jessie AFTER 12 Weeks










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