20, Jan 2020

Looking for a delicious dip or a maybe a alternative spread you can use instead of butter.

Check out this easy to make and delicious Fresh Basil Recipe.

Metabolic Window: Anytime

Prep Time: 10 Mins



1.  2-cups fresh basil leaves, packed
2.  1/3-cup toasted pine nuts or any nut you desire. (throwing the pine nuts over some heat until golden brown first will add an intense flavour)
3.  1-2 medium sized garlic cloves
4.  ½-cup extra virgin olive oil
5.  ½-cup nutlex butter
6.  Salt, freshly ground black pepper and lemon juice to taste



– Combine 1. and 2., pulse a few times in a food processor

– Add 3. and pulse a few times more

– Slowly add 4. in a constant stream while the food processor is on

– Add 5. and pulse again until blended

– Add 6. to taste



Serve as a dip, mix through a tomato inspired salad or add as a dressing to your grilled chicken.




–   This recipe is vegan
– If you want this recipe to be chunky, then pulse less
– I change quantities of the ingredients all the time, so if the above does not tickle your taste buds, change the ratios to suit
– This is the ‘foundation’ recipe. Feel free to add sundried tomatoes or any other ingredients to the above to really spice it up


Written by Syndi Carrick-Ryan

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