ICE Training Holiday Workout

20, Jan 2020

Going on holidays and worried about losing all of that muscle you worked so hard to build?


Or are you just looking at trying to get in some extra workouts at home?


The following 3 ICE programs can be performed anywhere, anytime and without any equipment.


What is ICE training?

ICE is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness & fat loss!


ICE Workout 1 – Full Body 1

4min AMRAP

1a) Burpies (10)

1b) Reverse Burpies (10)


2a) Push Ups (10)

2b) Plank holds (30seconds)


3a) Prisoner Lunges (10)

3b) Mountain Climbers (10each leg)


4a) Squat Jumps (10)

4b) Star Jumps (10)


How to do it:

* AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible

* Perform 10 reps of each superset (1a + 1b), this will complete a set

* Continue doing as many sets as possible by performing 10 reps of both exercise a and b until 4mins is up. This will complete round 1

* Rest for 90secs before moving onto exercise 2a and 2b and repeat

* Complete all 4 supersets


Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the exercises


Coaching Tips: 

* Record down how many reps you complete in each set to compare against the next time you do this workout. Do this by writing down how many complete sets you finished + how many reps. For example if you completed 3 complete rounds and then did 4 more push ups before the timer finished you would record 3 + 4 (3 rounds + 4 reps)


ICE Workout 2 – 250 Meter Shuttle Sprints


This is one of my longtime favorites because it’s simple, super intense and just plain tough!


Purpose: Improve leg muscle endurance, accelerate metabolism, and improve cardio/conditioning!


How to do it:

• Place two cones or water bottles roughly 25 meters apart.

• Sprint as fast as possible back and forth between the cones for 10 times, completing 6 round trips.

• Touch the cones each time.

• Try to finish all 6 laps in as close to 1 minute as possible.

• Perform 1-3 sets (250 meters = 1 set) resting 3-5 minutes between sets.


Coaching Tips:

• Touch cones each time you change direction.

• Be sure to drive with your arms while sprinting.


ICE Workout 3 – Full Body 2

Get your core firing for days with ab blasting workout!


1) Inch Worms

2) Military Get Ups

3) Donkey Kicks

4) Bear Crawl

5) Dead Bugs


How to do it:

* Perform each exercise for 1 minute before going onto the next one

* Complete all 5 exercises to complete a set and then rest for 90seconds

* Perform 3-4 sets


Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the exercises


Coaching Tips:

* Try to perform all of the exercises without breaking form or collapsing to the ground to rest


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