Jaw Dropping 18kg Loss Transformation

20, Jan 2020

An Inspirational Woman… Meet Connie

Connie first came to Transform Fitness 2 years ago needing help with her weight loss goals. Connie knew her lifestyle needed to change to achieve this however like most people she thought that her eating was relatively healthy and to see changes all she needed to do was to exercise more to get the results she wanted. 

“I got to a point in my life where I thought something needs to change, I have always struggled with my weight and getting older I realised it was only going to get harder to lose the weight and stay motivated.”

Although Connie’s impressive results have come over the last 12months, the year previously was the foundation that allowed this amazing transformation to happen.

“Changing my diet and mindset was my biggest challenge, when I first started training I was still eating the same and not really seeing any results. It wasn’t until I did the 21 day challenge in January 2015 that I realised diet played a huge role in seeing results.”

The belief of being able to out train a bad diet is something we see on a consistent basis. It took Connie 12months to realise that it was her lifestyle and diet, not her training plan that was holding her back from being able to achieve the results she had always wanted. However these 12months of trial and error are what lay the foundation to Connie’s ultimate success, without that valuable experience the yo you effect of weight loss may still have continued. Her commitment and focus on the end result is what allowed her to make small changes over time that never made her feel overwhelmed and allowed her break down her goals into small targets.

My lifestyle had held me back in the past. I have a very busy and active lifestyle which includes socialising a lot and to get to where I am, I have had to make some really big lifestyle changes which included cutting out/back on alcohol, sugary drinks/sweets, gluten and dairy which I found out I have an intolerance to anyway so that helped to cut out. I had to adjust to these lifestyle changes and it was hard to begin with and I had to deal with some people’s criticism but I learnt to just ignore all that because I knew I had to do this for myself and I’m so glad that I did.”

Asked what she though would have happened if she didn’t end up making the decision to start training with TFF and make the decision to join one of our 21-day nutritional programs?

“I think I would have still been in the same place I was 2yrs ago, not eating right or thinking that what I was eating was ‘healthy’.”

Fast forward to today and Connie has LOST 18KGS & 66.5cms including 13.5cms OFF her Waist”!


Check out Connie’s Amazing TRANSFORMATION below


“I feel great! I feel so much better about myself, more confident and really proud of how far I have come in 2yrs. I can now look at myself in a mirror and like what I see. It also makes me feel good when people notice the difference and comment on how great I look now.

My mindset and willpower has also changed 100%, I know that I can now achieve anything I put my mind to.”


Connie’s TOP 5 Weight Loss Tips

1. It’s A Journey

The end result is important but don’t lose sight of the journey itself! It is the experience, mistakes and lessons learnt throughout your journey that gives you the tools to not only achieve your goals but also the ability to keep them!

For Connie even though the first 12months did not give her all the results she had wanted it laid the foundation for her to realise something needed to change which then gave her the motivation to commit to that change. 


2. How Is Your NORMAL Working For You?

If you think you are eating healthy but not seeing results then you probably need to readdress your understanding of what healthy eating is. Remember ‘You Can Not Out Train A Bad Diet’

For Connie it was realising her healthy eating was not actually working for her which then opened the door for her to join one of our 21-day nutritional programs giving her the tools to help her understand where she was going wrong.


3. Train Smarter Not Harder

Training smarter not harder refers to training specifically for your goals instead of focusing on simply just working out. For Connie’s goal of weight loss she implemented our 30minute FIRE & ICE Training systems to help her achieve this.

The FIRE training system allowed her to build muscle to help shape her body while the ICE training allowed her to accelerate her fat loss goals by increasing her bodies fat burning ability by up to 300% more then she could by doing other forms of cardio exercise.


4. Be Willing To Change Your Lifestyle

Change comes from finding your WHY and finding your WHY comes from establishing what is truly important to you. Setting a GOAL is important however this is only the first step, establishing your WHY to achieve this GOAL is essential to SUCCESS.

For example anyone can create a goal and get motivated and say ‘I want to LOSE 10kgs’ which can last for a week or a month before they lose sight of that goal and go back to their old habits.

However the individual that has that same goal and goes further as to FINDING their WHY to that goal will have ongoing INSPIRATION!

Some examples of successful WHY’S include: 

– wanting to still be alive and active for their grand children

– to be able to play actively with their children without feeling tired and uncomfortable

– to be able to fit into a specific size of clothing or to be able to walk into a shop and not be restricted in what they can purchase

– to be able to look in the mirror with pride, happiness and confidence


5. Start TODAY

Self improvement should never be dictated by a calendar or a clock. We often get side tracked by taking action because it is not the perfect time. Often using reasons like I am to busy, I can’t afford it or even the famous I will start on Monday.

There will never be a perfect time to start however if you make the commitment to make a change NOW then you have already taken the first step on your journey.

“A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow!”

– George Patton


CONGRATULATIONS Connie from all of your family here at Transform Fitness on an amazing Transformation and thank you for sharing your story and helping to inspire others.


Connie achieved these amazing results by following our FIREICE Training Systems.

*Connie’s Transform Fitness Transformation Specialist was Tim Cox.

Transform Fitness uses Research Based, Scientifically Proven Training Methods to achieve amazing Transformations with every client. 

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