New Transform Fitness Logo

20, Jan 2020


We designed this new logo as we felt that it accurately and simplistically reflected our philosophy at Transform Fitness. 



Composed of three corners that seamlessly transition from one to the other, the three sides support each other creating BALANCE and the most structurally sound shape in the universe!

With all 3 dimensions working collectively, the logo represents the 3 areas of BALANCE to achieve optimal health:

– Body

– Mind

– Spirit

These 3 sides also represent the 3 areas of FOCUS to achieve optimal health:

– Exercise

– Lifestyle

– Nutrition

The opening at the bottom represents the start of your journey and the opening of the mind and willingness to change.

This willingness to change allows you to achieve growth. This growth allows you to focus and stay committed towards your goals while constantly moving in a forward direction (Represented as an ARROW).

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