No Equipment Holiday Workout

20, Jan 2020

One thing I often get asked is what exercises or program can I do if I am on holidays or away for work?

Here is a 15minute workout you can do anytime and anywhere without any equipment being needed.

The workout is a circuit based program and instead of using reps as your target you will use a set time instead.


No Equipment Holiday Workout

– 30secs work:10sec rest (just like our ICE Group Fitness Program)

– Do each exercise for 30 seconds in order to complete a full set. Your Goal is try and complete as many reps as possible in the 30 seconds for each exercise.

– Allow for 10seconds for transition between each exercise but try not to rest

– Do 4 complete sets with 60secs rest between each set before starting the next one.

– Time To Complete = 20mins


1. Jumping Squats






2. Push Ups






3. Renegades






4. Alternate Stationary Lunges






5. Military Get Ups






6. V Ups







Enjoy 🙂

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