Single Mother of 2 Gets Abs

20, Jan 2020

Meet the inspirational Mother of 2, Simone. Simone started training with us 6 months after giving birth to her beautiful son James. At that point Simone had never been to a gym and couldn’t even do a push up!

Her Journey over the next 2 and a half years took her from one extreme to the other.


Starting at 58kgs she planned to loose a small amount of remaining baby weight but quickly became obsessed with doing excessive cardio workouts and lost 5kgs!

Thats great you might be thinking but don’t get too excited just yet as Simone quickly realised that this was the opposite of what she was wanting to achieve…

In her own words: I didn’t look healthy and I still wasn’t happy but I just wouldn’t admit it. I had no energy. I thought that looking good meant being skinny and eating salad. I have since learnt that the best way to change body shape and achieve definition is through a combination of weight training and a healthy balanced diet not just cardio and salad. It took me a long time to learn what being fit and healthy really meant.”

How Putting on 10kgs was the best thing I ever did!

After some supportive conversations from the trainers and members, Simone was soon on track with regular FIRE and high intensity ICE training and following a healthy balanced diet. She soon gained enough muscle to reach 68kgs with a healthy body fat percentage of 14% and the fittest and healthiest body she has ever had in her life.

How many push-ups can she do now?

As many as she likes!



It Wasn’t Always An Easy Road

Despite always having the goals of getting fit and having a healthy body Simone never thought this was achievable. I have never been happy or accepting about my body. It was only through the support and encouragement from other Transform Fitness members that I was able to accept myself the way I am.”

On top of having to overcome her limiting beliefs she was also adjusting to a separation and becoming a single mum. “I wasn’t surrounded by like-minded people who would encourage me to give it a go. A lot of people would make excuses for me like “you’ve got kids” and “it’s too hard” and I started to believe it. It wasn’t until one day I just decided to give it a go and see what happened and I haven’t looked back since.

Transform Fitness became a place I could go and leave all my problems behind. I have made so many special friends here and if it wasn’t for the support of my TFF family and the trainers I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Some Tips from Simone to all Mums Wanting to Improve their Health and Fitness


You need to make yourself a PRIORITY to be the best version of yourself!

In this journey I have had to juggle my training and learn how to be a single mum. Yes my kids always come first but I have also learned that to be a good mum I have to be happy, healthy and confident in myself so I can teach these values to my children.

Health and fitness is now a daily part of our lives. The kids ask me about the Studio all of the time. They know what a Squat and a Burpee is and they are learning about healthy food choices. It’s all about balance.”


Find BALANCE but be Committed to your Meal Plan 80% of the time!

Chocolate, peanut butter and toast are my biggest weaknesses. I’m not perfect. I eat healthy MOST of the time, but I have also discovered that it’s so important to have a good balance and enjoy a cheat meal like anyone else.”


Be open to CHANGE and feeling UNCOMFORTABLE!

I’ve always had a fear of failure which prevented me from achieving my goals. When I was told I was chosen as the next Transformation of the Month, I felt very proud and special, but I also felt confronted by the attention. However I now shift my FOCUS to what motivates me not what holds me back. What motivates me is how proud I am that I haven’t given up through the hard times that I have had to face. I am proud that I have become a stronger person not just physically but more important mentally.”


BELIEVE in yourself and ignore the SCALES!

“If I can give one piece of advice to other women like myself I would say  believe in yourself, cut out the negative energy from others and the negative self talk from inside. The scales can be your biggest enemy. Your priorities should be to feel good physically and mentally and to feel good with the way you look. The Scales can be a useful tool in the right context, but they should never determine how you feel.”


CONGRATULATIONS Simone from all of your family here at Transform Fitness on an amazing Transformation and thank you for sharing your story and helping to inspire others.


Simone achieved these amazing results by following our FIREICE Training Systems.

*Simone’s Transform Fitness Transformation Specialist was Tim Cox.

Transform Fitness uses Research Based, Scientifically Proven Training Methods to achieve amazing Transformations with every client. 

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