From a Size 20 to 16!

20, Jan 2020

(Written by TFF Transformation Specialist Syndi Carrick-Ryan)

The majority of the community believe that health and fitness involves two things … nutrition and exercise!

This is true, however the most important aspect to creating a life style change also involves immense subinner strength to not only face your limiting beliefs, which also limits your self worth and self love … but to turn this around and actually achieve self worth and love!

Overcoming your emotional battles will create a ripple effect through every aspect of your life, including nutrition and exercise. With a newfound level of self-respect, of course you will want to invest in yourself and become better then the person you were yesterday!

Just like us all, Mel is on a journey! The decision that lead her to Transform Fitness was inspired to help her Partner become fit and healthy … little did Mel know that she would become her own inspiration by overcoming the very limiting beliefs that saw her become overweight, sad and self conscious over many years.

Here is what Mel had to say about her journey…

“I am most proud of the fact that I have successfully gone from a size 20 to a 16, this has undoubtedly given me more confidence with a sense of pride as well as more strength physically and emotionally. Throughout my journey I have had to overcome many obstacles including self-doubt, medical illness’, bad habits and self sabotage. Realising this and overcoming it, I now appreciate that  I am just as important as everyone else in my life and I deserve to be happy and to love myself.”


Mel also reflected on what would of happened if she did not take the courageous step and get started with TFF.

“If I didn’t make the decision to make the change when I did, I would no doubt be bigger then the size 20 I was in addition to being constantly sick all while continuing down a destructive path Syn_Melwithout realising what I was missing out on in my life. A lifetime of bad habits have been eradicated through my current 12 month journey where I have now achieved self worth, self love and self confidence … believing I can achieve anything. I feel healthier and my body is not as sore and in pain as it was previously. I am slimmer and more toned and now need new, smaller clothes to wear. I can now hold my head up high, as I’m happy of the person I have become instead of pretending to be!”

Since joining TFF Mel’s emotional transformation is inspiring however her physical transformation is just as inspiring. Mel has lost 3kg’s and over 54cm’s off her entire body!    
Mel O Before:After

*Mel’s Transform Fitness Transformation Specialist was Syndi Carrick-Ryan.


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