Transformation of the Month – Meet Steve

20, Jan 2020

In the world of health and fitness it is very easy to get consumed by the assumption that the main goal for everyone is to LOSE WEIGHT and if you are one of the fortunate few who are born SKINNY then you have been blessed and have a licence to eat what ever you want.

However many of us do not take a step back and think for a second…

What are the thoughts, feelings and challenges these so called ‘SKINNY’ people face?

What if they too are unhappy with how they look and feel the same lack of confidence about their body as the people trying to fight the bulge?


In my experience most people trying to put on more muscle or weight have just as many emotional challenges to overcome with putting on weight as people who are battling trying to lose it.

Also to make matters worse most people are unaware that it can often take longer, be as difficult and sometimes even harder to increase muscle mass compared to those trying to lose those unwanted kilos.

The good news… the systems to lose weight or put on weight do not change!

It is often just a matter of finding the right type and amount of training combined with eating the right type and amount of food will still lead to an amazing transformation!


An awesome example of someone overcoming these challenges is TFF Member Steve McKeown, who for years had struggled to put on size as well as battling with confidence issues associated with the tag of being ’skinny’.


Through following the principles explained previously and along with hours of sweat, commitment and hard work, Steve put on an impressive 4kg’s of lean muscle and made a massive step in sculpting the body he has always wanted but never thought possible.

When Steve was asked what was he most proud of since achieving these goals he replied “I have always been a thin person but wanted to get fit and eat clean and ensure I did not become that ‘fat’ skinny person that eats all the junk food and never puts on weight. Adding muscle and putting on size may

Steve AFTER 4kgs of Lean Muscle

sound easy for someone who is thin but its not… being able to lift weights I would have never thought possible has not only improved my strength but given me the confidence I never thought I had in me and belief knowing you can tackle anything you put your mind too.”

Steve’s advice for anyone that is a hard gainer like himself is “You have to be committed, results take time and you only get out what you put in. Also it’s not easy, but the results will show and be worth it.”

Congratulations Steve on an amazing Transformation and showing all of us that as long as you have the dedication and commitment to work towards your goals you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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